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Please report suspicious activity at Wal-Mart to the Department of Homeland Security

12/7/2010 12:26:12 AM - This video parody exposes the ridiculousness of Janet Napolitano's recent request that people should be on the lookout for "suspicious activity" at Wal-Mart. The mere act of shopping at Wal-Mart is su...

Ex-Pharmaceutical Rep: Billions Spent on Drug Ads

7/26/2010 5:22:45 PM - Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau is a former 10-year Pharma sales rep and writer/director of the feature film Side Effects starring Katherine Heigl (Grey's Anatomy). In this video, she discusses the billion...

Medical Buzz Words Signal Economic Take Over of US Health Care by Len Saputo, MD

10/18/2011 9:36:35 PM - When the buzz words of medical practice change, they reflect a change in how it works. Today's medicine now looks at hospitals as factories and office visits as economic transactions. Patients are no ...

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