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Walnut Coconut Milk with Turmeric and Cinnamon

6/4/2011 8:00:08 PM - Learn how to make nut milk with walnuts, coconut and two highly medicinal herbs - turmeric and cinnamon. If you do not have a nut milk bag, a regular strainer can be used....

Spice Up Your Brain #1 - Cinnamon

6/18/2012 2:39:46 PM - Great for your brain and balancing blood sugar for diabetes. Join our FREE multi-expert telesummit

Rhum Coconut Flan

4/12/2013 11:16:42 AM - This is a desert you can make 1 or 2 days before and it is just delicious. Like us on Facebook

6 Most Powerful Herbs and Spices

1/24/2017 8:19:35 PM - Stay informed at: Sponsored by: Music by Tobu

5 Antibacterial Herbs To Keep In Your Pantry

10/19/2016 7:56:44 PM - Stay informed at: Sponsored by: Music by Tobu

5 Spices That Can Fight Cancer

9/5/2016 1:42:29 AM - Stay informed at: Sponsored by: Music by: Tobu - Morning energy

Top 6 Antibiotic Foods

11/24/2016 7:21:32 PM - Stay informed at: Sponsored by:

Top 7 Cancer-Fighting Herbs

1/4/2017 7:45:25 PM - Stay informed at: Sponsored by:

Avo Apple Gadget

7/27/2010 10:31:32 PM - presents a easy and delicious raw vegan recipe that you can make in minutes. ...

Top 8 Natural Pain Relievers

11/2/2016 7:23:36 PM - Stay informed at: Sponsored by: Music by Tobu

Raw Food Recipe for Middle Eastern Raw Kibbe #177

10/26/2010 1:28:37 AM - - You guys kept asking what raw food recipe I made for Annmarie on her birthday... So here it is! :-) A raw food recipe for Middle Eastern Kibbe--one of my ...

WellSport TV: Yummy Coconut Smoothie Recipe

10/25/2010 6:07:55 PM - Dr. James Wells demonstrates how to make a delicious, yet simple, coconut smoothie. Enjoy! ...

Five Herbs That Lower Blood Pressure

7/27/2016 7:18:14 PM - Stay informed at: Sponsored by: Music by: Tobu - Sweet story

Why it is Important to Spice Up Your Meals

12/18/2014 7:20:05 AM - A study published in November of 2014 in Nutrition Today shows that high antioxidant spices enhance our health and protect against diseases such as heart disease. The researchers found that when eatin...

Spice Geek Kitty Wells - "Anti-Aging Secrets" on TV's Darlene Carman Show

7/24/2012 2:02:07 PM - Kitty Wells talks about how you can bring the anti-aging benefits of spices into your daily diet. She demonstrates fast & easy recipes that include the superstars of nature's pharmacy: turmeric & ging...

A Parsnip Pear Mash The Raw Food Way #152

10/26/2010 5:57:13 AM - - I think I've hardly had a chance to breathe today... It's been one of those days when you realize that you do have 4 companies and they all need a little TLC....

My reliable list of supplements

1/10/2011 9:05:06 PM - I put this up to encourage others to look into alternative medicine. ...

Blood orange pear smoothie

7/28/2010 7:23:02 AM - presents a fun fruit smoothie recipe featuring pears and blood oranges....

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