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The Cacao Rap TRAILER

2/5/2011 2:53:59 PM - ACTUAL "The Cacao Rap" music video HERE:

Neglected Springs (Let's Restore Them)

1/27/2011 8:50:09 PM - Public Service Announcement: Restoring Neglected Drinking Springs: Elixirs that use spring water as their base ingredient:

Raw Superherb Hot Chocolate Recipe

1/27/2011 7:38:17 PM - Make a Raw Superherb Hot Chocolate with Christian Bates, using only the top quality superfoods. Written recipe here: ...

Why am I so passioante about herbs

8/4/2012 1:30:37 AM - Check out what those top few dozen tonic herbs are HERE: Christian's blog: Bethanne's (behind the camera) blog:

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