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Institute for Responsible Technology - Scientists Under Attack

10/6/2011 10:22:41 PM - This is the trailer for a documentary available from the IRT called Scientists Under Attack. It reveals the total distortion of science being used by the biotech industry, and the way in which honest ...

Static Electricity or Moving Nano-Machines? You Decide. (Potent News Blast 2-15-2012)

2/15/2012 5:17:59 PM - Contrary to what the CDC says, Morgellons is not a delusion. I have personally felt and seen my hair m...

Researchers Link Morgellons To Slime Mold, dictyostelium discoidium (Potent News Blast 2-17-2012)

2/17/2012 11:21:38 AM - By Amir Alwani (Potent News) February 17, 2012 note: Special thanks to Louise Koster...

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