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Former FBI agent Dale Carson interviewed by the Health Ranger on the Alex Jones Show

4/12/2012 5:39:31 PM - April 10, 2012 interview with Dale Carson, author of "Arrest Proof Yourself." Was broadcast live on the Alex Jones Show.

Police brought in to investigate mom who refused to vaccinate her child

1/31/2012 12:06:19 PM - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, brings attention to an interview with Rachel Garmon from Alex Jones show. Garmon while on a doctors visit refused to vaccinate her 2 year old child stating she had, “st...

Priest threatened with police removal at Pensacola City Council meeting

12/19/2011 11:21:27 AM - Priest Nathan Monk nearly arrested as he speaks in response to the Pensacola City Council's decision to remove several speakers from a prior meeting who they deemed “out of order”. Offense was taken w...

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