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Q: Can I communicate with another member on the website?
A: If you want to communicate with another member then you will need to do it in the context of a particular video so that the subject is maintained.

Q: Why is my video not showing up to be viewed?
A: All videos and comments left to members are reviewed. It may take 24 hours for a video to be converted to our video format and reviewed. Attempts to post inappropriate material will not be tolerated and your account will be suspended. The videos you post need to relat to the NaturalNews term of use statement with the context relating to the theme of this website. If a video is accepted, you will receive an email notifying you that it is now available on the website.

Q: Will negative comments be rejected?
A: No, all comments will be reviewed, and negative comments will be allowed, BUT they must be constructive in nature and not demeaning to the subject or the author. This site should be used for open and free discussion of material highlighting "Natural" living.

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